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Kendall Art Center. Miami, FL, United States.

82ºW / Six Degrees of Separation.

Thomas Center Main Gallery. Gainesville, FL, United States.






Gorría Workshop/Gallery. Havana, Cuba.


From far away

Abra Gallery. North Miami Beach, Florida, United States.


Open your eyes

Galiano Gallery. Havana, Cuba.


Blood and strength

Cuba Pavilion. Havana, Cuba.


The mother of all arts

"Wifredo Lam" Contemporary Art Center. Havana Cuba.





Made in Cuba

Cuban Art Space West Gallery. Santa Monica, CA, United States.


Freya’s Paradise

Miramar 601 Gallery. Collateral to the XII Havana Biennial, Cuba.



Galiano Gallery. Collateral to the XII Havana Biennial, Cuba.


Ethical and aesthetic

International Press Center. Havana, Cuba.






Cuban Art Factory (F.A.C) Havana, Cuba.


Photo Havana

Center for Cuban Studies. New York, United States.


Post-it II

Expo-sale of Cuban contemporary art. Artis 718 Gallery. Havana, Cuba.


Alcázar Studio. Havana, Cuba.


En rosa

Collage Habana Gallery. Havana, Cuba.





Post-it I

Expo-sale of Cuban contemporary art. Galiano Gallery. Havana, Cuba.


Houston Art Fair

Collage Habana Gallery. Houston, United States.


Art Moscow

Collage Habana Gallery. Moscow, Russia.


Nationhood and Identity in Cuban Art 

Center For Cuban Studies. New York, United States.


Palm Spring Fine Art Fair

Salt Fine Art Gallery. Florida, United States. 






International Art Fair. Collage Habana Gallery, Moscow; Russia.


Women do speak

Villa Manuela Gallery. Havana; Cuba.



SALTfineart Gallery. Laguna Beach; California; United States.


In bad way

Pavilion K9, Cabana Fortress. Collateral to the XI Havana Biennal; Cuba.


Deeply superficial

Modern Gallery. Collateral to the XI Havana Biennal; Cuba.



Saltfineart Gallery; Laguna beach, California; United States.




Cuban Women Artists

Center for Cuban studies. New York, United States.



23th and 10th Gallery. Havana, Cuba.


Cuba paints Guayasamín

Oswaldo Guayasamín Museum. Havana, Cuba.


Chopin in Cuba

San Felipe de Neri Oratory. Havana, Cuba.


Chopin in Cuba

Amadeo Roldán Auditorium Theater. Havana, Cuba.


Cuba paints Guayasamín

Tungurahua, Ambato, Ecuador.





Cuba paints Guayasamín

Man’s Chapel. Quito, Ecuador.


Cuba paints Guayasamín

Guayasamín Museum Foundation. Quito, Ecuador.



Art Center. Cienfuegos, Cuba.


September 5th Salon.

Boulevard Gallery. Cienfuegos, Cuba.


Blocking up a hole

Art Center. Cienfuegos, Cuba.


For the Sake of Art

Art Center. Cienfuegos, Cuba.


City Salon

Boulevard Gallery. Cienfuegos, Cuba.


Dying of sadness for not laughing to death

Collateral to the XVIII International Book Fair. Cienfuegos, Cuba.


50 x 50

III Stamp Fair. Art Center. Cienfuegos, Cuba.


Miniatures Regional Salon

Sociedad Martiana. Sancti-Spíritus, Cuba.


Play Off

Benito Ortiz Gallery. Trinidad, Sancti-Spíritus; Cuba.

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